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redi (pronounced 'ready') is a dependency injection library for TypeScript (and JavaScript), along with a set of bindings for React.

Write code that is less coupling, more convenient to modify and easier to maintain with help of dependency injection.


import { Inject } from '@wendellhu/redi'
class AuthService {
public getCurrentUserInfo(): UserInfo {
// your implementation here...
class FileListService {
constructor(@Inject(AuthService) private readonly authService: AuthService) {}
public getUserFiles(): Promise<Files> {
const currentUser = this.authService.getCurrentUserInfo()
// ...
const injector = new Injector([[AuthService], [FileListService]])

Getting Started


  • Completely opt-in. Unlike Angular, redi does not force you to use dependency injection in your whole applocation. You can use wherever you like.
  • Supports multi kinds of dependency items, including classes, JavaScript primitive values and objects, factory functions and async items.
  • Supports n-ary dependency injection.
  • Supports hierarchy dependency injection system.
  • Supports lazy instantiation.


Demo TodoMVC | Demo Repos